Singa-eats 1: Wen Dao Shi/ Wen Dou Sek Dimsum

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Helloo! I've finally graduated and back in Singapore for good (or for food...) and I thought I should continue my MILF (London Food list) but in SG! I can't think of a cute acronym for this though (help, anyone?) so Singa-eats shall do for now ;)

So I shall kick of this series with a review of a cosy little dimsum stall a few roads down Aljunied MRT - Wen Dou Sek, also known as 搵到食 (it rhymes with their unit number 126! I see what you did there...)

Wen Dou Sek
126 Sims Ave

It's a busy, no-frills, 24h establishment but regulars will swear by their wide variety and amazing value for money. We ordered 8 plates and 4 drinks, and only paid about $12 per person.

Must try dishes: 
Fried banana and mango
King Siew Mai
Kimchi Pork
Crispy Yam
Honey Lemon Tea

Left: Fried Banana with Mango/ Right: King Siew Mai and Roast Pork Chee Cheong Fun
The fried banana was delish and reminded me of goreng pisang which I really like! I don't eat prawns, so I can't comment on the siew mai but my friends really liked it. The roast pork CCF is not inedible, but not memorable either. I heard the crab CCF is better though, so give that a try!

Background: Kimchi Pork; Foreground: Pork belly buns aka kong bak paus
The kimchi pork was surprisingly yummy, though I did question what kimchi was doing in a dimsum restaurant... But Wen Dao Shi's menu seems to feature a lot of random additions, like curry chicken and chilli crab for example haha! The pork belly buns, on the other hand, were only alright.

 Clockwise from left: Crispy yam, Guo Tie (Dumplings) and Fried Frog Legs/ Background: Honey Lemon Tea
I loved the crispy yam - so soft and fragrant on the inside but a satisfying crunch on the outside. The dumplings were far too doughy for my liking so I would say give this a miss... WRT the frog legs, my friend recommended it but I think it's quite the acquired taste :X I would highly recommend the honey lemon tea though! It even comes with jelly bits in the tea which was very refreshing to slurp up.

Wen Dao Shi's dishes can be quite hit and miss sometimes, but the dishes are at worst,mediocre but definitely not inedible. We still had an enjoyable time, given how dimsum is such comforting and satisfying food, so I'd definitely go back here for an affordable dimsum fix.

Till next time! xx

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