Also inspired by meanie.

1. Tickets to the Royal Ballet, the Mousetrap, Lion King, Matilda, Stomp, SYTYCD live (OMG SQUEALS I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GOING!!!), football matches hopefully with Man City, Liverpool, Real Madrid and/or Barcelona in it, etc. + DISNEYLAND PARIS
2. Scuba, French and more dance lessons!& gymnastics! & surfing!
3. More Melissa shoes! (Can't ever have enough!) Currently eyeing the ribbon ultragirls (the new ones in all pink/black/metallic lustre are TO DIE FOR), classic heel, the Pedro Louenco, the special virtue and the patchulis!
5. Eyebag removal (LOLOLOL)
6. Round the world air tickets, and accomodation too please.
7. A polaroid that can take photos on self-timer

More to come, I'm sure : P

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