Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bath & Stonehenge travelogue

Mandatory touristy shot

Yep, Raffles Alumni organised a trip to stonehenge and bath about 2 weeks back, and of course I'd be interested to go, given how stonehenge is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the definite must-sees while studying/travelling in the UK. Stonehenge has a long history of many different cultural uses, the main being that of a burial ground, but what puzzles me most is how these large rocks were transported and drilled into the ground by mere human strength. Some theories have even been suggested that superhuman strength was used...

The crows at stonehenge are SUPER FREAKING BIG. D; 

Afterwards, we got back into the coach towards Bath, a pretty little town with pretty buildings and pretty parks! Bath is most famous for the Roman Baths (hence the town's name). We were given a guided tour inside where we found out about the many queer and intriguing habits of the Romans when they bathe hahaha. Anyway, this site is the only hot spring in the United Kingdom, and the water actually originates from a limestone aquifer (underground reservoir) not too far away where geothermal energy heats it to about 96 degrees celcius. The Romans thought the hot springs were the workings of goddess Sulis Minerva and there was this special pool where they will throw down inscribed curses for the goddess to act upon (e.g. cursed be the man who stole my pants).

Interior of the Roman Baths
This was the location of the public pool in those days. The water wasn't actually that hot haha, we tried dipping our fingers in xD

That was about all we managed to cover in the day, especially since the sun sets at like wth 4pm now??? Plus, we had an important task to complete that day hahahahha (i.e. film a music video) so we didn't manage to visit the other attractions at bath ): But the music video filming was SO MUCH FUN. Super shameless omg!


Pretty sky!!!
Clouds artistically coloured by the setting sun :D 

Autumn leaves scattered around the park
They look like they could form some pattern? 

Ahh, autumn is going to be over soon ): It's getting freaking cold, and temperatures are predicted to dip below 0 this weekend, sigh. Alright, short random post, not much has transpired over the past few weeks so yeah. Trying to catch up on work, and have less 'life' HAHA. :P xx see you!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Life is good when ___ (complete the sentence)

Life is good when you have friends around you to do stupid random things with.

Screenshot of video that was taken at Bath.
Don't even ask what we were trying to do HAHAHA

And life is good when you're heading for Prague NEXT WEEK! I am so mega excited. Even though I will have to travel alone most of the time haha ):

But, for now, life is so not good because I have not done any work since last Tuesday, and I have choreoraphy bid in3 hours time which I am TOTALLY unprepared for. Way to go, shu!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Life in technicolour

Stunning view from my 6th floor window
How to sum up the past few weeks in a word: thankful. Thankful that life has been so good to me. Not just about London. But about life in general, and how amazingly fulfilling every step of life has been, and can be. I think studying overseas has really broadened my worldview, what with the new people you're always getting to know, and of course the new physical places and social cultures you're always trying to understand and get used to. In any case.... never too early for a new year's resolution!
The past few weeks in photos~
Food from Bella Italia at Oxford
Was really good. And total LOLS at what was underneath the plate of pizza! <3
Very unfortunately though, I had this massive cold when I was there so I think my blocked nose inhibited my sense of taste a little bit; what a waste!

Oxford is too picturesque!!
Every alley looks so photogenic haha (:

Freaking amazing cupcakes you can get from Lola's at Topshop Oxford Circus.
As good as twelve cupcakes in Singapore I would say! Cupcake in bottom picture is red velvet (MASSIVE LOVE!!).

Where I spent my reading week
At some mega ulu place in Devon, England doing fieldwork. Thankfully the rain held up till Friday when we were about to leave!
But it was a pretty good experience though, got to know more coursemates and breathe fresh air for 5 days in a row before coming back to polluted London. HAHA.

Bench in the middle of shrub along the roadside
So quaint and pretty! I would have loved to sit here for half an afternoon watcing the birds, dogs (there are so many cute dogs in Slapton!!!! All the owners have good taste! HAHAHAHHA) and the occasional car go past.

Our Dorm
Which was surprisingly decent and comfortable haha! Went there not expecting a lot and hence was pleasantly surprised! (:


Alright, have to leave now and get some sleep! Write again next time! x