The Birthday Post - celebrating 2 decades of life

By Shu - 19:14

This year I've learnt that love is driven by empathy and honesty.

More importantly, I've learnt that the best gifts of all are that of your time, and your heart.

And so, while I have never made a New Years Resolution or any of that sort before, this birthday I will make a birthday resolution to be more generous with my time, and to never shortchange anyone with anything less than my whole heart.

So, here's a toast to all the amazing friendships I've forged in this new envirionment, and also not forgetting all the friendships kept even though we're all so busy with our own lifes and that we're miles away from each other. (I miss you guys!) While I've always believed that every man should learn to be an island, I guess I must say that you guys keep me going. (lol this line is so cheesy it should be refrigerated, but nvm) (:

But yay, I guess 2 decades of life is a milestone of sorts, soooo life, bring it on!

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