Tuesday, 5 May 2015

#shuuootd Red Lips X Navy Lace

I bought a pair of knee-high socks from Primark at the start of the year and it hasn't been warm enough to wear it until now. Thinking that I definitely won't wear them anymore once I move back to (hot hot hot) Singapore, I brought them out for a spin today! My favourite knee high socks look is still with denim shorts but unfortuantely it wasn't warm enough to be in shorts, so I thought a short lace skirt and black boots would do the trick :) They kept slipping below my knee caps though. Woes of having (very) muscular dancer legs.


Top from MDS/ Snood from Nine West off TKMaxx
Skirt from Hollister/ Knee High Socks from Primark (£1.50!!)

Saturday, 2 May 2015

MILF 6 (My Incredible London Food List): Ely's Yard (Review)


I finally checked out Mother Clucker!!! I LOVE fried chicken, and am so glad I travelled all the way to E1 just to try this out. Shoreditch is full of cute street food markets; if I only I stayed closer to East London... Anyway, Mother Clucker travels around London but it's currently (as of May 2015) located in Ely's Yard, a tiny street snack market located just off Brick Lane. Follow them on social media to get updates on their location if you wanna go (which trust me, you should).

Ely’s Yard, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, E1 6QL

For a generous stack of twice battered, buttermilk soaked tender chicken strips (plus fries and a drink), I would pay so much more than £8. Such a bargain! I could share a box with a friend with no problem too.

Just look at this!! #writingthisasmidnight #instantlyhungry

Each box of chicken was served with a generous portion of cajun fries. I love spicy fries, and much prefer them to chips (which tend to be soggy, like British weather - meh not a big fan of British food in general)

While we were there, we also decided to try out another food truck in the yard. I love buffalo wings - so indulgent yumz. You can choose a variety of five sauces (levels of spiciness) to go with your wings, and (I didn't try it - I'm a wimp at spicy stuff) apparently the highest level of spiciness is .... quite intolerable - says my friend who is a self-proclaimed chilli addict but pretty much still downed 1 litre of water after that. You have been warned...

Ely's Yard, E1 6QL

New York Style Buffalo Wings, served with celery sticks and Blue Cheese sauce at the side
We took the medium sauce (level 2), and I thought it was already quite spicy so... I think the next time I'll go for level 1 #wimp. Otherwise, this garnered pretty positive reviews from my friends. Thumbs up for Street Food as always!!

Heh, hope you've enjoyed reading my more regular food/travel/fashion updates nowadays. I'm enjoying this for sure, and it makes me bring my camera around London more often to document my last month in this amazing amazing amazing city. I can't imagine how much I'll miss London when I leave, I'll be so devastated but I'll definitely be back :)