By Shu - 04:30

Wow I havent been here for so long.
I think over the past year I have largely forgotten or dismissed the pleasures of blogging, and introspecting. But I guess now that I have so much time...

I have so much I want to do! Haha I was at the doctor yesterday, and he told me his wife went overseas to study baking at Le Cordon Bleu after A's. How exciting! I very much want to try too haha but it's so expensive... I guess I shall spend a little more time messing around in the kitchen (:

And learn to scuba/ ice-skate!

Whoo I'm so excited, so much time after A's to do the so many things I've always wanted to do(: Hopefully I'll be uh, disciplined enough to not slack the 6 months away... Such a waste! XDDD But I guess again, everything costs so much! ): Money.....

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