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I haven't updated in a while... But I will today because I just submitted all 3 coursework papers!!! I feel so accomplished, that is until I receive my grades :X Anyway, today's post is about this super amazing dimsum place we visited last Saturday to celebrate a few hallmates' birthdays - Joy King Lau @ Chinatown! If you know me, I am usually not a big fan of dimsum, but I thought the dimsum at this restaurant was quite impressive for the price! Plus, good happy company always makes food taste better :D

So, without further ado, let the photo spamming start :D

Half of my Canterbury hallmates!
P.S. you guys are amazing! So glad to have chosen this hall as my first choice hehe *beams* 

Everyone's favourite Chee Cheong Fun

Lotus pau (top) and egg custard pau (bottom)
I super love sweet paus. In fact, I only eat sweet paus :/ The meat paus just taste weird to me. Anyway, the paus were alrightish. Sweet and moist but the egg custard pau wasn't as amazing as it usually is! The best egg custard paus are the ones that resemble an oriental version of the Chocolate Lava Cake hehehe

Siew Mai
Which I can't comment on cause I really don't like them :/

Braised Noodles with roast pork aka Wanton Mee
Special mention! I thought it was absolutely delicious! The smell of lard oil was quite tantalising HAHA.

The unglamorous but quite tasty glutinous rice

Fried dumplings (jiao zi)
Another average dish. I have a massive weakness for dumplings but these didn't quite meet my expectations as they weren't savory and juicy enough.

Red Bean Dumpling
Anything sweet cannot possibly go wrong.

Happy Satisfied People!
And we went for Cha Time bubble tea after that. Perfect tummy day!!

Yep, so we all ate our fills for like about 1++ hours, and only chalked up a bill of about GBP11 a person! Which is I think is super reasonable, even when compared to Singapore prices! I must go back there again, but probably with a bigger group cause then you get to order and try more things (: Argh, this blogpost has made me incredibly hungry. #fatdieme I shall reach for a kueh bangkit.... hehe update next time! xx

 Joy King Lau Chinese Restaurant
 3 Leicester St  London, Greater London WC2H 7BL

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