Bangkok Food Guide (part 1)

By Shu - 18:30

Just recently, I completed a 6 day trip to BKK – the dream city for many Singaporean shopaholics. Unfortunately, despite me beginning the trip with so much excitement and enthusiasm, I think I can safely say Bangkok has largely been unimpressive, especially when it comes to shopping. The Platinum Fashion Mall was merely a giant Far East Plaza/ Bugis Street full of cheap and poor quality clothes, and I guess there are rare gems to be found but hey, Shu and patience don’t go hand in hand. Plus, I was rather disappointed at the rather boring Melissa collection – I was looking forward to getting them cheap in BKK! Unfortunately, there was no sale and somehow this season’s shoes are just bleh. Oh well.

But!! If there was one reason why I’d willingly go back to BKK again, it has got to be FOR FOOD. I think almost every meal I’ve had there was either satisfactory or SUPERMEGA DELISH. OOH I really love Thai food. I wish I had more time and courage to try more street food though hahahaha. BKK is not exactly the cleanest place on earth so half the time I was kind of paranoid that I will return with an upset stomach… Nevertheless, I shall share my favourite food haunts from Bangkok!


Once Upon  a Time
Petchaburi Road, Bangkok 10400

Shona introduced me to this quaint little restaurant just off the main street. I went there for dinner the first day after we touched down, and it was so good we just HAD to eat there again before we left hehe.
Of special mention has got to be the green curry and the super sinful squid stir fried with butter and salted egg yolk. The green curry was packed with an astounding array of spices and was hence very flavourful. There was some really weird pea/spice (?!?!) in it that tasted incredibly bitter if you bit into it though...
Green Curry

Stir Fried Squid

The restaurant is really dark, however, so don't expect to take any decent photos there with your $500 compact camera. (Disclaimer, for the horrible photos)

 Fresh Coconut garnished with a pretty orchird

 Pad Thai


Greyhound Cafe
Siam Center Level 3
This has got to be one of the most famous cafes in Bangkok haha. Everyone I know that has been to BKK will eat here lol. Fortunately though, her popularity is deserved! I loved my pasta, the chicken wings, AND THE DESSERT. *sweet tooth alert* My favourite was definitely the sea salt caramel cake. I wish there was a little bit more sea salt, but other than that, the fudgey chocolate was perfect! Photo time! :D

 Vegetarian Pesto Fettucine

 Pad Thai (again)

 Greyhound Specialty Chicken Wings

 Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Fudge Cake

 Banana Almond Cheesecake

Hahahaha if that did not just make you hungry ;) Be back to share more of my BKK trip! xx

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