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Photo spam! Missing you trucks!!

Just before I left for London, I caught up with Shona at Antoinette, a place I've been wanting to visit for the longest! Yes this post is about a month late, but I still remember how amazing this little tea salon was, and of course the great 2h spent there haha :) Looking at these photos now is completely making me salivate - I haven't had such good food in London! :X I'm definitely going back to Antoinette when I'm back in Singapore next summer!

The plush interior of the tiny Parisian style tea salon

Jasmine Tea
Frankly not worth the money... The waiter kept coming over to my table to ask if I wanted to order anything while I was waiting for Shona though (annoying max!) so I decided to just order a drink...

Savoury pancakes with bacon and creamy mushroom sauce 
Nothing short of fantastic! The pancakes were smooth, thick and fluffy - everything a pancake should be! I do however think the service staff were particularly zzz, my dish came first and after quite a bit of waiting we decided to ask if Shona's food was ready. And I still remember the waiter going "yes it's coming soon, please start on your dish first" LOL MAX.

Sweet French pancakes with a generous scoop of caramel ice cream (argh, I'm drooling!)

What's a visit to this cafe without trying their signature cake! Can't ever go wrong with this rich and indulgent chocolate cake but hmm, I'm still wondering what that metallic looking blob is! It tasted vaguely fruity and very sweet I remember haha!
Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34

While waiting for Shona I made my first trip up Emerald Hill - believe it or not... I have no idea why I have never visited this place despite its frequent mention in Singapore history/SS textbooks haha. I'm definitely loving the intricately designed (and frequently very colourful!) colonial houses, but what makes this place even more amazing is how it's nestled between the modern high rise buildings of Singapore's shopping district. It'd be a dream to have a colonial-styled house next time! (Relatedly, I really don't like the new house architecture fad with all the metal/sharp edges/flat surfaces!)

Till the next! I'm super procrastinating my coursework which is due in 2 weeks time... But in a week I'm scooting off to Oslo!!!! Too excited. Plus, a trip to Iceland has just been booked as well. Northern lights, faultlines, volcanoes, glaciers here I come!!! *geog geek alert*


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