Singa-eats 4: Curious Palette (Review)

By Shu - 17:29

Curious Palette just opened along Prinsep Street a few months ago. Having seen a few lovely photos of their waffles and upon knowing of the fact that they stock truffle sweet potato fries, I decided to visit this curious establishment to check out their food and catch up with some friends.

64 Prinsep Street

We ordered some mains & sides to share but ufortunately, their waffles seems to be the best part of the menu despite spending more than $30 per pax there today. Pricey, definitely. I also ordered a glass of Gewurztraminer ($9), usually a lovely wine with an addictively fragrant bouquet but the one they had was only meh. On the bright side, $9 for wine is relatively cheap, but unfortunately not the most value-for-money.

 Waffles with Poached Pears & Walnut Crumble ($13.90)
If I ever wanted to visit Curious Palette, it would definitely be for their buttermilk waffles. The waffle was well cooked (not dry nor too moist) and this combination of vanilla ice cream, sweet poached pears and walnuts went really well together. Definitely very enjoyable especially after a lacklustre dinner. I heard the coffee is not too bad too however, so maybe the next time I'll drop by for teatime waffles and a drink instead.

 Truffle Sweet Potato Fries with Truffle Aioli Sauce ($14.90)
This was what made me want to visit Curious Palette but unfortunately even though the fries were well cooked, there was not even a hint of the truffle detected :(

(left) Truffle Risotto & (right) Ochazuke Konbu Spaghetti (~$20)
 (Sorry for the blurred photos) The risotto actually tasted quite pleasant, but again I really couldn't taste no truffle oil in the bowl. The Ochazuke Konbu spaghetti featured shimeji mushrooms and prawns. Unfortunately the prawns were quite small in our portion as compared to some of the photos I've seen online, so not sure if it's just today. Other than that, nothing spectacular to rave about in this Japanese inspired dish.

 Squid Ink Tagliatelli with 'inferno' Sauce, Calamari & Asparagus
Very lovely presentation - was pleasantly surprised by that streak of black ink across the plate - that's actually the squid ink sauce. On first look I thought it was the plate design hahahaha. Unfortunately another average tasting dish that tasted pretty much like squid ink, calamari and pasta tossed together. There were also clumps of sea salt in my sauce that surprise attacked me. :X

Well, unfortunately I must say curiousity killed the cat in this one. The food here is very overpriced, with mains costing well above $20 but not really tasting like it deserved its price tag. Stick to the waffles the next time you're here. The ambience in the cafe isn't bad either - white industrial interior with the occasional plant and some really pretty lighting!

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