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A post on London is overdue. I can't believe it's been a month since I arrived. Life is beginning to settle, and strangely enough, the initial idealism and gungho-ness is already beginning to wane. That's not a good sign. I was way busier in secondary school and JC, but somehow I always managed to find energy to get involved in so much other stuff. Today, I just feel like this blanket of lethargy and inertia is threatening to pull me down. My guy friends here warn me about the dreaded 20s. HAHA. Apparently, once you hit 20 you will notice a very significant change in your pace of life and activeness. Maybe it's merely a placebo effect of sorts, but anyway me being me, I told them I will prove them wrong. >:) Oh man, it must suck to be depleted of life. Maybe it has to do with autumn here. All the leaves are falling, and the sky is permanently overcast.

My 2nd day here in London. What a great first impression! D:

Yesterday clocks got shifted one hour back for daylight saving, and because of that it was already ridiculously dark at 5pm. Now I understand people's winter woes. But I think it would be beautiful in the cold days if you were in a nice little cottage sitting on the edge of the lake. Winter would mean no leaves yes, but sparkling still waters and the gorgeous fog you can wake up to every morning. Give and take but still effortlessly beautiful and redeeming. Here, all the leaves just drop to envelop everything else - cars, chimneys and the incredibly boring architecture of London. I am currently making plans to visit Lake District in January; I really hope it happens. Dream come true! I'll get to live by the lake and finally breathe frosty fresh air muahahha

 This amazing sunny day I got when I went to Oxford. So gorgeous! 

 Oh, and I must complain about the food. Can someone enlighten me to places with good, and INEXPENSIVE food in London?? Meals here are decent, but not satisfying. I don't feel as happy here after a meal than I felt satisfied in Singapore. Food here has generally been boring, devoid of texture, and hmmm actually now that I think about it, maybe it's the company. I am beginning to make friends here, thankfully, really nice and great friends at that. But, I miss people to just mull over lunch with and eat without talking without feeling awkward. And I completely miss snacking. Like, just randomly buying random stuff to eat when I pass a nice cafe/kopitiam/stall... Anyway I feel better now after I ate the £3 pancakes from old dutch. OMNOMONOMZ and SO CHEAP PLEASE. But the offer is only available on Monday, and I think I'll get tired of them after a while...

Pancakes from the Old Dutch at Holburn! Smoked salmon and mushroom super yumz cause those are arguably my 2 favourite foods!! Plus, cream dressing so it's jut pasta sauce on a pancake and I LOVE CREAM PASTA SAUCES. :DDDDD
More amazing pancakes! This time berries compote with ice cream! Plus lots of visual effects and editting hehe.  I love sweet stuff oh yeah~

In any case, after all that whining, I am still enjoying myself I guess. Geography is exciting and super interesting (though not all the lectures are). I wish they would feed us with more information though! Haha, reading on your own is so much more boring but I guess more rewarding. I'm getting my first report/project next week when I go on fieldtrip to Slapton; I hope I'll have time to take more photos of nice stuff and not just like soil and samples lol.

The geography library: where I will spend a good half of the next 3 years in...
Got to go off for hall dinner in 30 minutes time. I think part of the disdain for hall food is having to drag yourself down at the same time every evening to the same place. The food is actually alright most of the time, and in the interest of saving money I shall try to eat at hall as often as I can... Anyway, I shall just photospam this place with interesting snippets of life here. Till I write again next time! x
 I have been buying chocolate like nobody's business. D: But they all look and taste so good though! Plus, they are only 2 for £3!!!

So glad I got to be part of the 24h dance show! Super tiring and intense because we had to learn (and Abi had to choreograph) in 24hours!!! LE MASSIVE STRESS. But was really fun and I got to know other nice people! :D
And, lastly, my big fat pooh whose only reason for existence is to bring happiness to Shu and everyone else who cuddles it. 

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