The countdown~

By Shu - 19:33

3 more weeks till I leave Singapore ): Too little time, I realise! ): Need to catch up with so many people and do so many things before I leave!

Friends I will dearly miss! ):

What I'll miss most about Singapore: FOOD. Food in Singapore (good food) is EVERYWHERE, EVERY CORNER. No such luck in London though ): So while I'm still here I'm going on a massive feast and recording some of them here.

Melt - the world cafe @ Mandarin Oriental
Verdict: Pretty amazing. Too much good food. Stuffed to the brim. Unfortunately, also very expensive but pretty worth it methinks!

Seafood Stew
I don't eat seafood but this looks pretty damn good and apparently did taste good too so mmm.

A medley of Indian Dishes
OMG these were the best! Loved the briyani rice, and every curry is rich and flavourful. OMNOMNOMZ.

Dessert Shooters
I go for buffets mainly for their dessert selection. Melt - the world cafe didn not disappoint with a huge huge variety of desserts that were of pretty good quality on average. Left: Yuzu jelly that was amazeballs!! It was one of the first few desserts to run out, unfortunately. Just the right amount of tanginess and sweetness, super refreshing. Right: Raspberry creameux that was alright. A little too sweet but still satisfying enough. Nothing spectacular though.

Asian Desserts
Yup, they even had at least 8-10 varieties of asian desserts. Pardon the rather bad photo though ): Didn't manage to try them as I was seriously too full after eating all the western desserts HAHA. What a waste! I spent much of that night regretting heh.

Chocolate buffet @ the Fullerton Hotel
Verdict: Once in a lifetime experience. I never knew I could ever get sick of chocolate but this time it seems like I did LOL. Some cakes were pretty good but some just average. Worth it? Yes, but only for that one time experience. Probably will never go back unless I suddenly have this massive chocolate craving. (Though I think I can probably satisfy that without forking out close to $50)

Noir Chocolate Orange 56%
Pretty alright, not a fan of orange chocolate though.

Another chocolate mousse shooter
Truth be told, none of the sweets here really left a lasting impression. It might be because my tastebuds were numbed after eating so much chocolate though.


Random Amazing Singaporean Dishes
Verdict: Always worth the money. Intensely satisfying for a mere $5 or less even sometimes. OMNOMNOMZ. I will miss you, Singaporean food. ):

Fish Soup
One of my Favourite fish soup stalls at Raffles City Shopping Centre foodcourt!

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Need I say more? Perfect with runny half boiled eggs and a steaming cup of Teh.

Economical Bee Hoon
An amazing plate of breakfast for $2.50. Available just about everywhere. :D

Mee Pok
I will miss this dish the most in UK. I LOVE YOU MEEPOK *public declaration of love and allegiance*

Alright, till next time! More food to be savoured before I leave omnomnomz (:

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