Random things I have decided I will miss Singapore for

By Shu - 00:05

1) Choping tables at kopitiams/food courts with my bag, and not having to be afraid that my wallet/laptop/or even my entire bag will be gone when I return

2) Relatedly, the kind souls that will return (or have always returned) me my wallet/phone that I seem to enjoy misplacing. It is a miracle that I have not lost anything in London yet.

3) GREENERY. BUSH. (the existence of) LEAVES.

4) Going home late every night since a male escort is not needed to feel safe (lol)

5) No breakfast in hall at 8-9am everyday --> No need to force myself to wake up + don't need to eat some fattening fried egg and hash brown breakfast lololol


Since I'm at it, random things that I am missing London for:

1) Walking everywhere. Strangely enough, I enjoy walking to my destinations. Not only does it give me a sense of control over my time, walking clears my mind better than public transport does. Singapore is too freaking warm to walk. I missed my shuttle bus to the driving centre the other day, and I decided to walk since Google Maps said it would be a 16 min walk (I would have walked by default/ without hesitation in London). Super bad decision. I could have soaked a whole towel wet with my sweat.

2) Colder weather. The grass is always greener at the other side.

3) The proximity everything is to my hall.



Pss I highlighted my hair red/pink! Super love. Blog about it soon (: It's one of the most exciting things to have happened to me so far lol (lame life I have I know). Can't stop ogling at those highlights~~~ :DDDDD *vain ttm D:*

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