So, I skipped 2 days of school to visit Prague... (Day 1)

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Prague is amazing.
I am so glad I made the decision to disappear from UCL to visit this enchanting city. Even though I had a massive amount of work to complete when I came back hahh.

We took EasyJet to Prague's international airport from London Stansted, and I experienced one of the worst airplane delays ever. We boarded the plane about 30 minutes late due to some delay, and then after sitting/sleeping on the airplane for another 1.5hours, I woke up to find out to my horror that we have YET to take off and were still in London. Apparently the airplane had some fault and hence we had to wait for another plane to fly over from Luton to pick us up. So yes, the entire delay was about 2-3 hours long, and being incredibly sleep deprived (we barely slept the night before as our bus to the airport was at 2am -.-"), you can imagine how annoyed and impatient I was haha. But I guess on the bright side, we did manage to catch some sleep on the plane during the delay lol....

Anyway, we made it to the hotel around noon, and I was pleasantly surprised by the hotel! There were mixed reviews online on TripAdvisor and the such, and I didn't really know what to expect but anyway I am quite happy with the stay.

Pretty lift lobby and comfy spacious rooms
They had the most amazingly soft pillows and mattress EVER. Even MBS cannot compare to this. Totally dreaded going back to my hall bed....

View from hotel windows!
We were on the 12th floor :D

Even came with pretty toilettries!
But I tried using them and they didn't feel very nice. Thankfully I brought my own haha (:

Hotel Corinthia Prague
Kongresová 1, 140 00 Praha, Czech Republic 

Anyway, another plus for the hotel was that it was literally outside the metro station. Super convenient, and I remember the first day I was there I had no coins to buy tickets to take the metro, and I just walked back to the hotel to ask for change and then walked back to the station ahhahha. 

Prague Metros! The stations are all really really pretty and well designed!
And another cool thing about the trains are that you have to press a button for the doors to open hahaha, if not they won't open at the station (:


This was my first time travelling solo, and I think the experience was quite fantastic. I didn't have to care about other people's preferences nor schedules and I could take as long/short a time as I wanted at each location hehe. And, no more spending a long time deciding what to eat.... lol. So, on the first day I decided to take it easy and just wander around the Old Town Square. The festive mood was seriously overflowing!!

Christmas Markets @ Prague's Old Town Square
Ahh, so festive right!! Christmas in 2 weeks! :D

Random roasting ham at one of the christmas market stalls!
Yum looks so delish right! haha!


So after wandering around the old town square for a bit, I decided to make my way to a chocolate cafe nearby that I read was highly recommended on TripAdvisor. And indeed it was incredibly crowded (with tourists) and I had to queue for about 20min before I got a table. Nevertheless, I thought the quality of the chocolate and cake was quite good (:

The exterior of the chocolate cafe!

Pretty cafe interior! :D

A cup of Tanzanie 75% hot chocolate from Africa.
Was accurately described by the menu as being "very fruity, extraordinary flavour, extremely rich and wild earth". Costs 89CZK which is around 2.80GBP, pretty value for money in my opinion! :D

Carrot cake to go with the choclate.
Was pretty decent, not spectacular but gave me a good break from the super thick hot chocolate. Got pretty sick of the thick bitter chocolate after a while so I just drowned the cake in the chocolate to add a bit of sweetness to the chocolate and a bit of chocolate to the cake hehe.

pretty good cafe that is quite value for money haha (: In fact, I think everything in Prague is super value for money especially after living in super expensive London! D: I would book a reservation next time though, especially if in a rush as the queues are quite long! D:

Choco Cafe
Liliova 4, 250 Praha 1, Prague

Didn't do much for the rest of the evening. Just wandered (literally wandered with no real sense of direction) around Prague haha. Prague feels amazingly safe. There are so many street lamps and not many dark alleys and random hobos unlike London. I would NOT dare to wander around London at ALL. Not especially at night :/

There is a lot of graffiti in Prague....
Not a bad thing I guess though haha

Random shop filled with dolls
Does it look freaky to you? It does to me! D: 

Random bakery along the streets

Watched the christmas tree light up at the Old Town Square as well
It was EPIC CROWDED OMG. I took at least 30minutes to get out of that place after the light up ): Everyone was literally standing shoulder to shoulder IN THE ENTIRE SQUARE!! (which is like a little bigger than the size of your school morning assembly area maybe?) 

Had burgers for dinner at Yes Burgers!
  Super random decision, didn't really know what to eat and this was fast and decently cheap haha. Pretty and colourful interior! Burgers were alright.

I look like a toot but I blend in with the grey wall!
But gah, the orange plastic bag (yes ordered burger take-away so I could take a stroll down the river and munch, BUT super stupid idea cause in the 0 degrees weather, the burger would cool damn fast!!!) 

Pretty metro station again! :D
And yep, back to the hotel I went (: Pretty satisfying first day in Prague I think! So glad I found the chocolate cafe hehe. Chocolate really makes people happy!

Alright, end of my super photo heavy post! Will continue with the next 3 days of visit soon. I have TONS of work (i.e. essay and report ARGH can you please just write yourself?!) to do... ):


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