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By Shu - 05:34

My 5 favourite movies of all time, as of 9/1/2013
(not listed in any order of preference - that would have been so hard)

1. Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
One of my favourite favourite books turned into a movie directed by the author himself. Stunning. And starring everyone's eye candy Emma Watson? 'Nuff said.

2. Little Children by Todd Field
An intense drama starring extra marital affairs, middle class parenting and the threat of a roaming ex-sexual offender. This movie had me on my feet and I couldn't stop thinking about it for days (and thankfully I watched it at home so I could pause it for a break near the end where it was just getting too intense.) Definitely worth a second watch.

3. Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock
The first horror movie I've watched fully I think. Thankfully it was goreless, unlike many of the horror movies now, but still haunting and really scary. Or maybe psychologically thrilling would be a better description. Anyway, there is so much packed into this movie. Every scene is ingenious and meaningful. You must watch this more than once. 

4. Thelma and Louise by Ridley Scott
 One of the few dramas that have left a lasting impression. Rock and roll road trip by two women bored or confused about their relationships and who want to take control of their lives. Some excellent cinematography here I thought, and the feminist slant was well embedded without being irritating and lame.

5. Inception by Christopher Nolan
I love sci-fi movies, and books, and surprisingly this list of my 5 favourite movies only contains 1 sci-fi movie :O! Great concept, great visual effects, and Leonardo DiCaprio 8D


Random list that I decided to create. I really love movies. I love being transported to another world for 2hours. It's like reading a book but since everything is already played out in front of you, your brain saves the hassle of imagining and visualising... Good or bad I guess But anyway... Unfortunately though I have a really short attention span so I usually end up zoning out/ falling asleep in many of the movies I've watched (which yes were unfortunately not good enough to capture my attention : P)

So... here's to a new year of many more great movies! :D And much more time to watch these great movies hehe xD

Alright, to bathe I shall. See ya x

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