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By Shu - 07:28

Omg I just looked through all the photos I took in Prague, and my, was my hair hideous!! I am so glad I managed to go back to Singapore to fix my hair and cut away all its untamable horridness. So, yes a good part of my back to Singapore trip was spent being vain and doing what I could not afford to do in ultra expensive London. Hey, I'm a girl after all hehe.

So, while waiting for my hair to grow longer so I can perm it and not look like an aunty, I decided that to have my virgin highlights. I have long wanted some sort of bright red/pink hair (red is my favourite colour of all time!!) and so I decided to book an appointment with Salon Vim at Somerset 313 after reading and hearing a lot about how good they are with colours. So, here's my unbiased and unsponsored review.

After some discussion with Ivan, my hairstylist, who is very friendly if I may add, we decided on half hidden red highlights followed by Salon Vim's specialty Redken Cocktail Hair Treatment. It took a patience wearing 2.5 hours, despite being told less than 1.5h would do haha, but I think the result was super worth it! I really liked the end result, as the pink highlights are subtle at first glance, but very much more obvious when your hair swishes/ gets displaced from its flat original position/ is tied up (: Perfect for people who want an epic hair colour but don't want to look too epic :/ HAHA. I realise that this is super high maintenance though. I cannot get by without blow drying my hair anymore, cause then the peek-a-boo highlights won't be neat D: Oh, and I have an amazing amount of split ends now. Either I have never noticed them before and the lighter colour of my hair now makes them more obvious, or this highlighting has damaged my hair super a lot. D: Either way, WHAT SHALL I DO ABOUT IT? ):

Le dying of boredom.

So my verdict: Since this is my first experience highlighting my hair, I have no other salons to compare this to, and while my experience here at Salon Vim definitely met my expectations, I wouldn't dare say that this would be the best place to have your hair done per se. I'll probably give Salon Vim another try or two, especially when my hair has grown out this summer and I'll finally get to do my hair perm (:D), then review again (:

Now time for the photo spam. OMG I couldn't resist. The reddish pink is seriously too pretty for me to not take vain pictures of myself and my hair. Muahahaha. Continue scrolling at your own risk.

End result! :D

 Picture spam! But you can see from the last picture how the highlights are super much more obvious when you lift part of my hair up (:


Hehe, if you ever wanna go (especially during this summer), let me know and we can go together and (both you and) I can get an extra 5% off muahaha because I signed up as a member thinking that I will probably go back again this summer (:

Alright, end of vaingirl93 post. Back to work ): Ciao!

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