Prague (Day 3)

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OMG, I am so backward when it comes to blogging. Here's (finally) my Day 3 of my Prague trip last December (ancient, I know). So today I decided to make a trip to the famous Prague Castle. The weather I remember was horrid that morning. It was kinda snowing, but the wind was so strong so the snow/ice-bits just kept flying into your face relentlessly. But, thankfully, the sun came out really bright in the afternoon! So yay :D

So, time for the photo spam and the occasional remark (: Enjoy!

 It's a pretty long walk from the Metro station to the Castle, passing many quaint houses and cafes along the way. You can't get lost, it's just one road (:

 Pretty Christmas Decorations adorning one shophouse! (:

The majestic exterior of the St Vitus Cathedral

Interior of the Cathedral
Ornately and spendidly decorated no less...

 Interior of the Prague Castle
Truth be told, I thought the Prague Castle was rather anti-climatic. -.- Perhaps it was also because quite a lot of it was under renovation when I visited. But there was nothing really spectacular that I saw in the Castle. We only visited like 3-4 rooms?

Pretty and colourful small houses at the Golden Lane
 Many of these houses used to be inhabited by rather queer people, like Kafka and Madame de Thebes (who was a prophetess who apparently got killed by the Gestapo after foretelling the end of Nazi Reign).

I can't remember whose house this was, but it was probably some film maker...

Then, I decided to walk from Prague Castle to the John Lennon Wall because I'm a huge fan of public art/ grafitti in this case. And I passed by the Vtlava River and was greeted by so many swans and ducks!!! Photo galore! They are sooooo cute!

My favourite shot! :)

Apparently, there is a bridge of love padlocks here too! Albeit a smaller bridge but from afar I actually thought they were christmas decorations hahaha

After getting hopelessly lost, I finally found the John Lennon Wall. OMG I was so irritated I walked around the same place at least 10 times. Then decided to ask someone (should have just done that earlier, stupid pride.)

And I proceeded to take tons of photos. These are just 3 of the 100031023123 that I have of the wall of graffiti. I think someone should do a time lapse of how this wall changes over time! ): And I sort of regret not bringing a marker to leave my mark on it as well hahahahha.

Lunch at this random restaurant

I proceeded to walk to the Dancing House after that, just to take a look and take a few photos that I could call my own, haha. OMG I swear during this trip I just kept walking. Like public transport didn't exist. My feet were so sore by the end of the day I remember on the first day I just sat beside the bathtub and soaked my feet for like 40min. LOL.

Soooo pretty!
Dancing House
So after about 30min of walking, I finally reached this queer looking building to take a photo of it haha. The building really stands out because of Prague's generally old architecture. Pretty, yes. (: And you guessed it right, after this I decided to WALK again to the metro to take the metro back. BAD IDEA. The metro was like wtf 40min away?!?! I was totally dying. HAHA ):

In the evening, I joined a couple of friends to watch a Czech orchestra perform a few classical pieces. It was decent, and cheap and I quite enjoyed the peformance though the chairs were rather uncomfortable. Then again, I think it was like around GBP3 and it was held in a hall like place in a so I shan't complain.

Then, I had my BEST meal in Prague for dinner! Definitely worth a mention and SO CHEAP AND GOOD!

Czech Beer
Which I randomly decided to try. It was alright, I'm no beer aficionado so it tasted pretty much similar to every other beer I've drank so far hahahaha :/

I can't remember what this was, but I remember it being sweetened with honey and absolutely delish!

Vanilla Ice Cream with Raspberry Compote
So good! And I think it was something like GBP1.50???

Ahh I was totally stuffed to the brim and stuffed with happiness and satisfaction after the meal! We only paid about GBP7 per person, which was super worth it! What a way to conclude the day! :D So, big travel tip, don't eat at the touristy areas! Meals are so much cheaper and better outside (:

Corte Di Angelo
Nadrazni 116/61, 150 00 Praha 5

So that concludes my Day 3! Update again next time! I should be writing my essay now but I felt like taking a break from academic writing haha (: xx

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