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So, my blog is full of travelogues. HAHA ): I hope that doesn't make it boring. But anyway, here's the long awaited update from my Lake District trip in early January 2013 (:

Lake district is gorgeous! We only spent 3 days there but I swear I could stayed there for a week! We only managed to do 1 major walk unfortunately, and 1 small one, which is sooo unfortunate! Wish we had time to explore more of the area, but not too sure if I'll be going back anytime soon. I definitely must go back in summer one year though, and do all the epic stuff like rock climbing and abseiling (: *beams*

Day 1

 We took this crazy long 4 hour train ride to Windermere via Oxenholme. Thankfully our train ride was like around 5am so I just slept the entire way haha.

 Our Room @ Walmar's Bed and Breakfast
Comfy quiet room and really friendly owners! (: They were really nice and lent us a few walking maps so we could get started and explore Lake District! Thankfully we didn't buy the maps from the tourist information counter that we passed on the way to the B&B haha (: Plus, they gave us free cookies everyday! Super useful to omnomz on during the day/ along the hike haha (:

So we decided on a walk from Ambleside to Grasmere, which was about 6km long. It was quite a long walk - about 5 hours? Plus, the gradient can get rather steep at times. And I wasn't wearing walking shoes either haha so by the time we got to Grasmere we were rather exhausted. But it was so worth it! It was super scenic and pretty (: Highly recommended! Photos below! (:
For dinner, we decided on this humble looking Italian restaurant on the streets. I ordered lasagna and it was pretty alright, but the experience was a bit o.O because we were the only ones in the restaurant :/ Awkward. No photos of the food, unfortunately haha ):

Then, for dessert, we went to this amazing restaurant called Lucy's on a Plate. You MUST eat there if you ever go to Lake District Ambleside. Our dessert was beyond heavenly. Apparently Lucy's on a Plate is not only a restaurant but a culinary school! You can host your parties there and learn to cook haha (:

 Chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream and warm chocolate sauce
Chocolate overdose! Super super super sinful and good. And it was served on a slate plate! How interesting is that! Highly recommended!!! (:

Needed for detox purposes and to neutralise all that sweetness. HAHA :/
So that's it for Day 1. Epic incident that cut short our day haha but the dessert more than made up for it. Omnomz!


Day 2
This is the full cumbrian breakfast! It was pretty delish! And the fried toast was really quite interesting haha! But too oily for me so we didn't order it the next day.
And yes, we set off again to complete the walk that we failed to complete yesterday. -.- This time with much more success haha (: Photos below! (: Super gorgeous place it is! And the cool/funny thing is that in the midst of all this 'nature' and 'scenery' and such you could actually see the roads winding in the forest? And hear the cars zooming past! Which I thought felt rather queer! But I guess this makes this gorgeous area more accessible as well so yeah haha (: It doesn't look as though the envvironment has been damaged as well!

Oh, another queer thing was that I didn't see any wildlife at all! But I guess this is not really a wild nature place per se, well not at least the places that I visited. Most of it was pasture and sheep and reared ducks even! So no wildlife spotting for me, unfortunately! I don't even think I saw any interesting birds... Or maybe I just didn't look hard enough haha.

 Rydal Water

 Rydal Cave
This was sooooo cool!!!! You could actually walk all the way inside but I didn't want a repeat of yesterday's incidents so I didn't dare venture too far haha.

Multicoloured rocks (slate?) and the turquoise water!

 Mmm we were pretty much exhausted after the walk so we just took a bus home and lazed around (I believe I slept) until dinner HAHAHA :/ oops hehehe.


Day 3

Last day at Lake District ): Our train was due to depart at 3pm and check out time was in the morning so we didn't have enough time to go on another epic walk, sadly ): So we decided to check out the Stockghyll Force (waterfall!) which was pretty near our B&B (: 

 Ahh, so gorgeous right (: There was actually a bigger waterfall behind this, but it was the long and narrow kind and I couldn't capture it well on my camera so no photo ):

On the way back from the waterfalls, we saw this strange tree trunk that was stuffed with coins! I thought it looked pretty deformed and cancerous and gross though :/ So after some googling, apparently tourists stick coins into this money tree for some reason haha...

And yes!!!! I managed to go back to Lucy's on a Plate for lunch/tea!!! This time I was totally mesmerised by the cake collection and greedy us ordered 2 cakes to share hehehe.

 Triple Chocolate Layer Cake
Yum yum yum x 120312321! Uber sweet and thick though!

Carrot Cake with Cranberries and Walnuts
I'm a huge fan of carrot cake, and this one did not disappoint! Loved every bit of it, but unfortunately we had a really hard time finishing both the cakes because it was kinda sweetness overload haha ): Unfortunate!!! But I left happy that I got to eat more amazing stuff from Lucy's on a Plate muahahahha. How to end a trip on a sweet note indeed!

So yep, that was a brief and picture laden summary of my Lake District trip that I took before term started! (: Had an amazing time, and Lake District is definitely one of the placese you should visit if you ever have time to spare in UK! I am a huge fan of walking, hikes and nature so I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The views and scenery are really worth it (:

Yay, looking forward to my next trip! (: Maybe during reading week? (: Or Easter break! Excited!!! :D:D:D Hehe, to sleep now I will though! Write next time! x

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