The once in a while update

By Shu - 08:39

Life has not been too interesting. I'm half tiptoeing over my academics and half trying to live a life. Well, not that those two are mutually exclusive, but it seems to be always the status quo to think that way...

I have lots of things that I need to find time to ponder over, and perhaps they will become blogposts. But for now it's 12.23am and I have rehearsal at 10am tomorrow so I think I should join a pooh in bed.

Brunch at Lantana @ Charlotte Place
Gorgeous wallpaper! I also want! hahahaha 

Hot Smoked Salmon with Poached Eggs and Spinach
Pretty yums, but quite steep for GBP11. Not too sure if the 'hot smoked salmon' was meant to be hot or cold; it came like luke-warmish which was quite a turn off for me. 

Alright, hahahaha to sleep I must!! Update soon x

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