#shuutravels Bangkok Food Guide part 2

By Shu - 19:00

The BKK Food Guide continues in this post. I just spent the past 5 days in Malaysia so I had tons of time to edit photos and the such, so expect more photo posts from me these few days! I like photo-blogging. It's a much better way to "upload" and "show" your photos rather than uploading photos on facebook (which is usually reserved for photos of people unless your photos are mega pro)

Anyway, back to the topic, I think one of the must-eats when you head to BKK is definitely food court food! Platinum Fashion Mall is probably one of the most famous food courts in BKK. The most famed dish is apparently the beef balls though, but I heard it was spicy so I didn't want to take the risk haha. Another good thing is that this food court opens mega early at about 9-10am, which is earlier than all the other shopping malls' opening hours, so we headed there for breakfast...

Platinum Fashion Mall Food Court
on the top floor

 Fried eggs that were supremely oily but super SLURPSSS amazing because of the soft yolk 8D

 Definite must try!! Mango sticky rice which was super yums because the mango was really sweet! 


  Food Republic at Siam Center

 There's this yong tau foo-style mixed rice stall which is pretty interesting! You pick the veg and meat and then they will stir fry it for you!


Mr Jone's Orphanage
Siam Center, 2nd Floor

There was a massively long queue in front of this cake cafe, and since I had lots of time to waste I decided to queue and enter to see what the commotion was all about. 

 Super mega pretty cake display! No wonder there are so many people...

I ordered the red velvet cake, aka one of my favourite cakes of all time! MEGA unfortuantely though, the cake didn't taste any where as nice as it looked ): It had a rather bland sweetness to it, and didn't taste like anything at all. Which is unfortunate since before then I have never tasted a bad red velvet cake before. I talked to a few other people who have entered this cafe before and they all felt underwhelmed, so my guess is either this cafe is overrated all we all suay try the wrong stuff ):

 9th Cafe
Siam Paragon basement

We ate here for 2 dinners in a row haha - the food is really good and reasonably priced for a sit-down restaurant! 
  Hor Fun with Braised Pork - YUM.

 Spinach Fettucine with Chicken - slightly overpriced but decent


Random Dessert Places
Because I can't finish the meal on a salty note!! 

Fro-Yo anytime~~ This one's from Buddhi Belly at Siam Discovery. We chose an Orange+Chocolate concoction which tasted alright but I still think Chocolate and Fro-yo don't match!!

A&W Waffle! We were so excited about this since you can't find this in SG anymore!


So this concludes the end of my BKK food adventure - I think I spent more money on food there than on anything else, surprisingly! Yes I barely shopped -.-" On second thoughts I really want to go back to BKK I think, both for the food and to give shopping a second chance HAHA I can't believe I went there and came back almost empty handed ):

Hehe till the next! x

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