A for Arbite

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A For Arbite
28 Aliwal Street

Just the other day we decided to head over to A for Arbite for one of my last few Singapore lunches ): I especially loved the cheery primary coloured interior of the restaurant, and it surely felt like quite a fitting place to have an obligatory catch-up session with my favourite friend before I leave for London again.

On to the food, the UOB 1-for-1 set lunch at A for Arbite was definitely a deal! For 30++ in total, we got ourselves each a mushroom soup, a potato salad, a main of our choice and a drink. Yum! The mushroom soup was particularly memorable, with the earthiness of mushrooms brought out by the generous use of fragrant garlic. My main course (breaded chicken) while not particularly to-die-for, was quite delectable and I especially enjoyed the cheese and tomato melted over the breaded (aka fried and super unhealthy) chicken. I wish had space for some dessert though! Meals should never end on a savoury note!

And here begins a photo collage of the cheerful restaurant interior, our food, the rather gorgeous architecture around Arab Street, and ending off with that' day's coincidentally (rather) primary coloured OOTD! #motivationtodresswell I think the photos I got from that afternoon were particularly good hehe #selfpraise (especially since I am just beginning to see the wonders of Photoshop hehe!)

Enjoy :)


Ooh I kind of like the idea of photo-blogging hehe - it's quite tumblr-esque!
Update again!

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