MILF 1 (My Incredible London Food List): Tsunami (Review)

By Shu - 23:16

This blog is collecting dust haha. Not much to talk about these days, except for the fact that I've been eating out a lot!! And also bringing my camera along to these random food places cause I have decided to blog a series of my favourite food places in London (: So, here's the first: Tsunami at Charlotte Street! This is the second time I've been there, and I can safely say I love it!! I only ever go on Monday and Tuesday evenings though, cause that's when Tsunami does a dinner promotion - 40% off everything!! How amazing is that, I have literally ate like a pig both times I went, and paid like just over £10 :D You must remember to make a reservation though, the restaurant is almost always full on Monday and Tuesday nights, unsurprisingly.

93 Charlotte St, London W1T 4PY

Tsunami is this small Japanese restaurant just 5 minutes walk away from my house, and it serves pretty amazing fusion-ish Japanese food! The decor of the place is rather queer haha as the restaurant is lit up by rows of LEDs that change colour lol! Not what I would expect from a Japanese restaurant, but, it's kinda cute I guess haha. Soo here's what we ordered this time:

Pork Ribs in Chocolate and Chilli Sauce
MEGA LIKE YUMS. The sauce might sound weird, but it's the match made in heaven. Plus, the pork ribs are sooo tenderly cooked they easily slide off the bone and coats itself in that orgasmic sauce.

A Variety of Sushi/Sashimi
Having been there twice, I think their sushi is definitely worth a buy! They have all sorts of weird sushi concoctions as well, and if I'm not wrong, they even have a roast duck sushi! The sashimi was fresh both times I visited as well, so yums!

Truffle Ribeye Steak
Ermagad this is another fantastic dish!! My friend refused to let the waiter remove the plate even after we were done with the beef cause the sauce is soo fantastic!!

so yep, we nomzed on the sauce and then created a sea urchin *cheap thrills*

Assorted Sushi
The cool looking nigiri above is actually unagi & foie gras! Haha this place definitely has the coolest sushi :> It was good for sure, I love eel!

So after all that !!!-ing over the food, anything bad to say about this place? Hmm, I wish they served dessert, and I'm not a fan of their side carb dishes (e.g. udon, rice) - not only are the portions small, the rice wasn't good (soggy, but that might just have been the day I went?) But Tsunami is definitely a place I'll revisit over and over again.... PORK RIBS!!!

Till the next! xx

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