MILF 2 (My Incredible London Food List): Hakkasan (Review)

By Shu - 15:00

Hello! I'm on a roll! (: 

Recently I got an mailer from bookatable regarding a special promotion at Hakkasan, this michelin starred Chinese restaurant just off Tottenham Court Road and after much debate we decided to head there for dinner, hoping it would worth the moolahs haha. We didn't get the 3 course promotional set however (£35 - too expensive!!) and settled for the £28 "taste of hakkasan" two course meal instead. 

8 Hanway Place, London W1T 1HD

Dim-sum starters
My favourite part of the meal for sure! I loved loved loved the crispy pork (char siew) bun! Didn't eat the siewmai and the har gao cause I don't like prawns (: I would come back to Hakkasan for the dimsum for sure, they have SALTED EGG YOLK CUSTARD BUNS!!!! (massive craving)

Our main course was served on a flat rectangular plate and consisted of 4 different mini-dishes - roast duck, prawns in curry, grilled sea base and black pepper beef? It was delightful to say the least but I can't help but feeling it wasn't totally worth my money. Don't get me wrong, all the flavours were delicate and pretty much perfect, but I couldn't stop thinking about how I could have eaten up a storm at Four Seasons with my £28 - I think I also much prefer the oilier version of roast duck served in Four Seasons :P. I guess since I grew up eating Chinese food, it's hard to please/wow me even at apparently Michelin-star standards, especially since the food was pretty much classically cooked. I did overhear some British people from the neighbouring table exclaiming in delight however!

I'm not sure if I'll come back - if I did, it'll definitely be for the dimsum, which was very exquisite in my opinion! I remember concluding on that day that I will never pay exorbitant prices for Chinese food ever again - nothing beats (cheap-er) Chinese food from home yumtum.

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