#shuutravels Hello from Toronto!

By Shu - 03:31

It has been months since I even opened blogger.com, but mid-terms are nigh and you know when you should actually be studying instead everything else that once seemed boring is now suddenly interesting and that's why I'm finally blogging again. Ha.

So, hello readers, if I still have any to begin with, I'm 2 months into my exchange at the UofT! Time is passing way too fast, and omg the workload here is insane! Before I arrived I was had so many plans to travel and do random things but unlike in my home uni over the Atlantic I can't even bear to skip classes here. Meh! And mid-terms. Someone remind me what mid-terms are again? Why do they even exist! Rawr!

So anyway, musings on Toronto. 2 things: 1) Why do I keep eating Asian food? 2) Why is everything so expensive? What is this tax thing. Why do they keep making me do some epic math before I go to the cashier?

Other than that, Toronto's pretty chill. Not much to do. But I guess not much to complain about either - I mean it's safe, food's decent, people are nice, etc etc etc.

Right, blog again next time when I have something of more value to say. HAHA. xx

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