#shuutravels 5 Places to Eat in Santorini (+Athens)

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Greece was undoubtedly the star of my 2015 summer vacation - Santorini mesmerised with its insane Mediterranean views while Athens fascinated with its endless stories. Unsurprisingly however, being the piggy I am, the amazing food I had over my week stay in Greece is going to be number 1 reason why I would definitely want to revisit Greece again.

Everyday, I pretty much ate with wanton disregard for the fact that I'd be spending the rest of the day at the beach in a skimpy bikini. I don't think I would be exaggerating if I had the most value-for-money dishes ever in Greece. However, I did find that my best experiences were at restaurants in Imerovigli and other smaller towns like Perissa and Kamari - I would avoid eating at Oia and Fira if I were to visit Santorini again. Food is more expensive, service is less courteous and these two towns are too crowded for you to experience Greek Island bliss. So, here's my top 5 places you definitely need to try eating the next time you visit Santorini and Athens.

1 MEZZO Imeroviglii, +30 22860 21874
Top choice for a lovely caldera view and innovative hearty food - I've heard the sunset view from Mezzo's terrace is pretty amazing too. I loved the complimentary bread basket (olives and tirokafteri - spicy cheese dip ftw!) and the linguine with rock gruyere cheese, beef and wild mushrooms. The tenderloin with vinsanto sauce atop sweet potato mash (last photo) was also noteworthy :)

2 ANOGI Imerovigli, +30 2286 021285
This restaurant wins the award for serving me the best meal I've had in Santorini. I'm very much in love with their fried feta cheese with honey and sesame (craving it right now...), and the pork shoulder (3rd photo) was juicy, soft and cooked to perfection. I also had the grilled sea bass and vinsanto poached pears, both of which were yummeh.
P.S. This restaurant is packed every night - please book in advance!
P.P.S. You have to try vinsanto, the local dessert wine when you're here, I think it can rival ice wine hehe.

 3 KAPARI WINE RESTAURANT Imerovigli, +30 22860 21120
The most expensive restaurant on this list, but the views of the sea are breathtaking and the food was (Y). I don't know how Greek food manages taste so fresh and clean yet indulgent at the same time. The ice chocolate also surprised us by being very thick (I think they must have used chocolate ice cream!) and yummy. We didn't manage to make a reservation in time for dinner so we only managed to dine from a less extensive lunch menu, but their dinner menu looks really good so do give it a try! 

4 HELLAS RESTAURANT Perissa, +30 22860 81658
How can calamari rings taste so fresh and good??? This restaurant wins for friendliest service and most affordable prices.   

Okay, this isn't really a restaurant recommendation, but Santorini's beaches are lined with bars that offer free usage of their sunbeds and even free wifi at the beach! Fabulous deal, and we spent a couple of hours chilling at Kamari beach (very picturesque set against the imposing hill!) with cold drinks in our hands. Bliss.

5 MELILOTOS Kalamiotou 19, Monastiraki, Athens
 And we're finally in Athens. We went to this tiny restaurant on the recommendation of our super hip AirBNB host and I had one of the best pork steaks I've ever had in my life. Hear this: smoked Cretan pork steak in rosemary oil served with spicy feta and marjoram potatoes. Need to eat this again!! The best part - only EUR12! Seriously affordable. Also enjoyed their beef steak with lemon flavoured baby rocket salad, but the pork steak still steals the show for me...

That's it from me! Hope this guide was of some help and I am seriously salivating after writing this post. Unfortunately, I'm starting work for real next week so I won't be able to do that much galivanting anymore. Still, I'm looking forward to my next vacation - somewhere in South East Asia please! Till next time! xx

(^ a glass of Vinsanto - if you love your dessert wines, you need to try that)

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